Welcome to Intercog

interaction: the activity of being with and communicating with other people and the way that people react to each other

At Intercog, our goal is to help people to interact better with other people so that they can achieve more of whatever it is that they are trying to achieve.

Those interactions can be varied and include:

  • presentations
  • networking
  • meetings
  • sales pitches
  • generally just working with others

To help us to achieve our goal, we offer training and coaching solutions to help people to develop the skills that they need to interact more confidently and successfully with other people (and normally with less stress too!).

We also have facilitation offerings to help to ensure that meetings and events are as effective and productive as possible.

In the modern workplace, interactions happen on many different occasions, in many different ways with many different people which is why we feel it is important for people to be able to interact as effectively as possible with those other people. If they do so, they will achieve more!

In the hybrid world that we live in today, many of our offerings are available both face-to-face (where appropriate of course) and also online.

Thank you for visiting our website.