Help with Communicating

Effective Communication (or not)

It’s so easy for communication to go wrong:

  • the wrong choice of words
  • the wrong time or place
  • emotions getting in the way
  • distractions
  • not taking into account the characteristics of the other person or people
  • assumptions and guesses
  • talking too much
  • not listening enough
  • using the wrong communication medium

And if communications don’t go well, it can lead to:

  • emotional outbursts
  • arguments and conflict
  • soured relationships
  • hurt feelings
  • bad decisions
  • wasted time
  • lost money

However, if communication is done effectively, it can reduce the above which in turn leads to:

  • better relationships
  • increased productivity
  • greater wellbeing
  • savings of time
  • increased revenue and profit

Core Communication Skills

Through his training and coaching offerings, Mike helps people to communicate more effectively with other people. He does this by helping people focus on, and put into practice, the fundamental principles of effective communication, namely:

  • thinking about their audience first – considering what they know about the person or people with whom they are communicating and adjusting their communication accordingly – this is at the core of what effective communication is all about
  • being prepared – understanding what they are aiming to achieve by communicating and creating a plan for achieving it
  • avoiding interference – paying attention and not being distracted by external factors or internal feelings and thoughts
  • actively listening – ensuring that the act of listening is not a passive thing by providing reflective input and feedback, asking questions and then actively listening to the answers

Employee Effectiveness

Knowing how to communicate well is a core part of employee effectiveness. Mike has a wide range of training courses that can help with that.


There are a number of top tips for communicating on the Tips for Commuincating page on this website.

You can also find more tips, best practices and examples in Mike’s book How to be BETTER at COMMUNICATING – In Person and Online.

And if you would like to find out more about how Mike can help you, or your team, to communicate more effectively, please feel free to Contact Mike.