Help with Networking

How to Network Effectively

Many people network (formally and/or informally) and many people get a lot of business through their networking activities. However, many people don’t. So what makes some people effective networkers, people who get a decent return on investment for the time that they spend doing it? What do they do that others don’t?

There are many answers to those questions but they can be distilled down into four key principles:

  • they focus on the relationship – building relationships takes patience, practice and purpose and if those relationships are built, at some point the business will come – this is the core of effective networking
  • they focus on their audience, the other people there – being prepared and taking an interest in them is a very effective way of building relationships
  • they help people to understand how they help people, and then they help them
  • they have the confidence to get out there and do it – part of this is simply about knowing how to look confident and part of this comes from the confidence that’s gained by being more effective, and therefore more productive, in the first place

There are many reasons why people don’t get as much as they would like to out of their networking activities. Part of it is certainly down to confidence but part of it is also simply about not knowing how to be more effective. Through his coaching and training activities, Mike helps people to know how to be more effective networkers, so that they in turn can become more confident, more productive networkers.

Advice for Networking Events

Mike also designs and delivers networking events, specialising in Speed Networking events. These events can be run in person or online.

In Person and Online

Mike has written a book about how to be better at networking.