How to be BETTER at COMMUNICATING In Person and Online

How to be BETTER at COMMUNICATING – In Person and Online

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar:

  • You thought you had said one thing and they thought you’d said something else (and vice versa). It didn’t end well…
  • Other people just don’t seem to get what you’re saying, even though it’s perfectly clear in your own head. If only they could understand what you mean.
  • You don’t understand the points that others are trying to make. Life would be so much easier if you did.
  • Meetings, meetings, meetings! You spend way too much time in meetings. If only they were better planned and more effective.
  • Giving somebody feedback always feels a bit awkward. It would be great to know how to do it so that it was comfortably given, well received and properly appreciated.
  • Interviews are unnecessarily stressful and unsuccessful, either for the interviewee, the interviewer or both. Surely there must be an easier and better way?

Being able to communicate effectively is a core skill and is vital for achieving what you would like to achieve. Unfortunately, it’s not always as straightforward as it might appear and less than effective communication can lead to a wide variety of undesirable results (like those above).

The foundation of being able to communicate effectively is a core knowledge set that is applicable to all occasions when communication is needed. On top of this foundation is specific knowledge that is required for particular occasions, e.g. for running meetings, giving feedback or being interviewed etc.

This book provides a set of frameworks for both the foundation and specific knowledge that is required to communicate effectively. In essence, it will give you the knowledge and skills for being a better communicator.

When you put that knowledge and those skills into practice, not only will you become a better communicator, you will also become more confident as a result.

By being a better communicator with greater confidence, you will therefore achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve.

With the ever-increasing use of technology in business, this book also includes considerations for communicating online/remotely.

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