Help with Employee Effectiveness

Effective Employee Interaction

Employee effectiveness is key to the success of an organisation and the fundamentals of employee effectiveness are their knowledge, skills and attitudes. Above all though, how well they can communicate with people (both inside the organisation and outside of it) will have a direct impact on their effectiveness and therefore the success of that organisation. Helping people to develop that knowledge and those skills and attitudes is something that Mike does through his training offerings.

Mike has a unique style when delivering his courses underpinned by a training philosophy that has been honed, quite literally, over decades of delivery. Mike’s courses:

  • are focussed on the learning needs of the participants and so are directly relevant to them
  • are interactive and participatory (often in unique and slightly unusual ways)
  • are fun (people learn more when they are having fun)
  • place an emphasis on how the newly acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes can be put into practice – this is central to the approach that Mike takes

Courses for Increased Effectiveness

Within in any organisation there are many ways in which employees interact and so Mike has a wide range of courses to cover the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes in those areas. The courses are related and some courses naturally build on learning achieved from previous courses.

Mike’s courses include:

  • Core Communication Skills
  • How to be an effective and confident presenter
  • How to create and deliver effective DATA-driven presentations
  • How to be an effective and confident networker
  • How to plan and run effective meetings
  • How to plan and run effective workshops
  • How to plan and run effective training sessions
  • How to plan and conduct effective interviews
  • How to give (and receive) effective feedback
  • How to be an effective coach
  • How to be an effective team leader
  • How to be an effective team