How to be BETTER at PRESENTING In Person and Online

In a nutshell

This book will help you to create powerful presentations that are interesting, understandable and memorable for your audience and to then deliver them with confidence.


Why you might want to buy this book

If any of the examples below sound familiar, this book can help you:

  • You have a fear of public speaking that keeps you awake at night and you’d almost rather do anything else than that looming presentation. If only presentations didn’t make you feel so bad, maybe you might even look forward to doing them one day.
  • When you present, you are really nervous and you’re sure your audience can tell and that doesn’t create a great impression. It would be nice to at least look confident, even if you didn’t feel it on the inside.
  • Very simply, you would just like to learn how to improve your presentation skills and feel more confident when presenting.
  • You know you’ve got to deliver some presentations and that it’s important to come across positively whilst doing them. You’ve not done many before so it would be nice to know how to do them well and calm your nerves too.
  • You’re great at what you do but when it comes to telling other people about it you’re rubbish! You’d really like to tell them what you do in a way that they would find interesting, understand and remember.
  • You do a lot of presenting and you’re good at it. You know that you could be even better, you want to improve your presentations, but don’t know how to take things to the next level.
  • Your company is great, your team is great and you get asked to tender for lots of opportunities, which is also great! But you don’t win as many of them as you would like to. You’re thinking, “What is it about our presenting style or speaking skills that’s getting in the way of our own success?”.

So whether you would like to reduce stress, calm your nerves, increase your confidence, have more positive body language, have greater clarity or improved effectiveness, this book can help you to do that by becoming a better presenter. This in turn can then result in more successful outcomes from your presentations, whatever it is that you’re aiming to achieve.


What this book covers

Simply put, this book helps you to be a better presenter, to improve your presentation skills.

To do this, the book covers the following areas:

  • how to understand your audience so you can ensure your presentation is interesting, understandable and memorable for them
  • the importance of having a clear message
  • proven frameworks to help you to create and structure a presentation that keeps your audience engaged
  • the origins and principles of confidence and confident body language
  • techniques to help calm your nerves and look confident, even if you don’t feel it
  • how to ensure that your physical or online environment helps, rather than hinders
  • the similarities and differences between in-person and online presentations

There are also online resources that accompany the book’s content.

By taking and applying what’s covered in this book you will improve your presentation skills. The more you put things into practice, the more confident a presenter you’ll become too and by being a better presenter with greater confidence and better speaking skills, you will achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve and that’s the goal of this book!

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