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Presentation Skills

Presentations are given by many people, for many reasons and on many occasions. As a result, we all feel differently about presentations and may experience different outcomes:

  • some people achieve what they want to achieve and others don’t
  • some people like, or love, to present whilst others hate it
  • some people look forward to a presentation and others dread them (for hours, days or even weeks beforehand)

The Benefits of a Good Presentation

For an audience, a well-structured presentation will be:

  • interesting
  • understandable
  • memorable

And a confidently delivered presentation will:

  • have a great impact on the audience
  • get results
  • increase confidence for future deliveries

On the other hand, a poorly structured presentation that is delivered nervously will most likely be boring, confusing and instantly forgettable. Such presentations are not only ineffective, they are also damaging to self-confidence and personal wellbeing.

The Extra Benefits of Effective Presentations

For many people, the prospect of having to give a presentation can often lead to stress, anxiety, fear, nausea, sleeplessness or many other things! All of these are detrimental for mental and physical wellbeing.

However, there are a number of things that can be done in understanding how to present effectively that can mitigate these negative aspects. These include:

  • properly understanding the audience and reality of the situation
  • taking a structured approach to creating the presentation and taking reassurance from that
  • knowing the tips, tricks and techniques for looking, and being, more confident when presenting

Knowing how to present effectively can therefore change presentations from being a negative experience to a more positive one and along with that will come extra benefits, for both wellbeing and success.


Presentation Skills Training

To ensure that people can confidently deliver an interesting, understandable and memorable presentation, Mike offers Presentation Skills Training courses.

The training covers topics such as:

  • structuring your presentation using tried and tested frameworks
  • how to create everything you need (like slides) to help to maximise the effectiveness of your presentation
  • changing body language, projecting your voice (and more) to enable you to present with confidence
  • extra considerations when presenting online (compared to face to face)
  • how to engage with the audience

Mike also offers Presentation Skills Coaching for people that would like an individual, one-to-one focus for their development.


There are a number of top tips for presenting on the Tips for Presenting page on this website.

You can also find more tips, best practices and examples in Mike’s book How to be BETTER at PRESENTING – In Person and Online.

And if you would like to find out more about how Mike can help you to effectively create and deliver presentations, please feel free to Contact Mike.