Help with Presenting

Effective Presentations

Presentations are given:

  • by many, many people
  • for many, many reasons
  • on many, many occasions

And in delivering those presentations:

  • some people achieve what they want to achieve and others don’t
  • some people like (or even love) doing them whilst others hate it
  • some people look forward to doing them and others dread doing them (for hours, days or even weeks beforehand)

And with regard to the presentations themselves:

  • a well-structured presentation will be interesting, understandable and memorable for the audience whereas one that isn’t will be boring, confusing and instantly forgettable
  • a presentation that is delivered confidently will have a great impact but one that is delivered nervously and hesitantly will create a poor, and potentially long-lasting, impression
  • an interesting, understandable and memorable presentation that is confidently delivered will get results and one that isn’t probably won’t

The goals are therefore to:

  • create interesting, understandable and memorable presentations and then deliver them with confidence
  • positively impress people and achieve what’s intended
  • do all of that without it having a negative effect on wellbeing (and maybe even have a positive one instead)

Helping people to achieve these goals is what Mike does.

In Person and Online

Mike has written a book about how to be better at presenting, in person and online, and it’s available to purchase now!